About Australian Peptide Conference

Peptides From Discovery to Therapeutics

Advances in peptide research are occurring at an ever increasing pace, in a wide range of fields and scientific disciplines. With the sequencing of the human and other genomes now complete, we are at a particularly exciting time as the impacts of genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics start to drive modern drug discovery.

To discuss these and other advances in peptide research, the Australian Peptide Conference committee has assembled an exciting scientific program, of local and international invited speakers, covering the areas of cutting edge peptide research:

Topics include:

Peptide and protein design and engineering
Peptide libraries
Folding, misfolding and disease
Screening and drug discovery
Receptors and cell signalling
Proteomics, bioinformatics and biomarker discovery
Fluorescent applications
Chip-based technologies
Emerging analytical techniques
Drug delivery and clinical applications
Industry, regulation and commercialisation

The conference was be held in Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef in Northern Queensland. The region is famous for its magnificent local scenery, beaches and abundant wild life and at this time of the year you will be able to enjoy the weather and surrounds of this beautiful region of Australia, at their finest.

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Queensland Australia

Queensland is the sunshine state of Australia. There are five other states and two territories which make up Australia. Queensland is the third largest state by population and second state. It includes a wide range of environments (coastal, reef, tropical, desert, farmland, rainforest)


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Because of their fast limo service Long Island, we were able to get to the airport in time for our flight, even though there was traffic backed up on the LIE.